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ADR, DTCO & EC/2003/59

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  • Discover the latest information on ADR, DTCO, Driving and Rest Time Rules & EC/2003/59 !

  • Learn about their implementation across countries !

  • Educate yourself and know how to help others introduce these legislations !

  • Teach using the right information !

  • Measure the impact for transport operators who are implementing this new legislation !

  • Network with Government Officials, Industry Experts and Transport Operators !

  • Meet your future business through the Optional Tour: “Petergof Treasures and Networking”!

28 September 2006

“A Status Overview on those Topics covered by the last 3 IRU Academy Seminars … ADR, DTCO & EC/2003/59”

Moderated by: Martine-Sophie Fouvez, Chairman of the IRU Academy Advisory Committee (ADC) and Principle Administrator, European Conference of Ministers of Transport (ECMT)



Bruno Dingemans, Head – IRU Academy
Latest Changes and Developments on International Road Transport Legislation


“2007 Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR) Agreement”

Olivier Kervella, Chief Dangerous Goods
and Special Cargoes Section, United Nations
Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

Powerpoint Presentation...


Digital Tachograph Introduction, including Driving and Rest Time Rules”,



“Professional Driver Training”

Mathieu Grosch, Member of the Committee Transport and Tourism, European Parliament

Powerpoint Presentation...
  Difficulties Implementing the aforementioned International Road Transport Legislation: “The Russian Perspective”

Anatoliy Voronin, Deputy Chief of Rostransnadzor, Ministry of Transport, Russian Federation

Powerpoint Presentation..


Presentation of Projects by ASMAP & the IRU Academy to Assist the Road Transport Sector

Tatiana Minaeva, Chairman of the IRU Academy Accreditation Committee (AAC) and Chief of the ASMAP Training Centres, ASMAP, Moscow, Russian Federation

Powerpoint Presentation...


Insurance as a Road Safety factor

Polunina Natalia, Head of the Transport Operators Insurance Department, Ingosstrakh, Russian Federation

Powerpoint Presentation...

“Safe ADR through Information, Facilitation and Training”

Moderated by: Tomislav Ivanchev,
Director of AEBTRI Training Centres, AEBTRI, Bulgar

put into Practise: “What are the Risks when Your Employees are Not
Properly Trained?”

Dominique Corbeel, General Manager to
RC Manager, European & Emerging Markets, DHL Worldwide Network,

Powerpoint Presentation...

Roadside Check of an ADR Truck: “What are Inspection Officers
looking for?”

Helmut Rein, Head of Division -
Transport of Dangerous Goods, Federal Ministry of Transport,
Building and Urban Affairs, Germany

Powerpoint Presentation...
Panel Discussion: “The Expansion of ADR
towards the Middle East and Asia”

  • Olivier
    , Chief Dangerous Goods and Special Cargoes Section,
    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE)

  • Göran Berg,
    Risk Manager, SCHENKER AG, Sweden and Chairman of FIATA
    Advisory Body Dangerous Goods (ABDG)

  • Paul Wauters,
    IRU Group of Experts on Dangerous Goods (GEMD) and CEO of
    Wauters Tanktransport n.v.

  • José Alberto
    Franco, Head - Department of Road Transport of Goods, Ministry
    of Transport, Portugal

Moderator: Bruno
Dingemans, Head – IRU Academy

Invitation to the “2007 IRU Academy Seminar” in The Netherlands

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