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IMO Regulations coming into Force 1st Half of 2012

IMO Regulations coming into Force 1st Half of 2012

Type (Tech./Op./Ed.) Application Date Passenger Ship Tanker Combination Carrier Dry Cargo Ship Special Ship Extract Instrument Regulation Source
TO 01/01/2012 N N N N N Ships must comply with the ballast water performance standard (D-2). There is a later amendment delaying the application for ships constructed in 2009. (BWM 2004 not entered into force 2011-11-10) BWM 2004 B-3.1.1 + .1.2 + .3 + .4 + .5 BWM/CONF/36, Annex
T 01/01/2012 N/E N/E New definition on Goal-based Ship Construction Standards for Bulk Carriers and Oil Tankers introduced. The standards describe the goals and establish the functional requirements that the rules for the design and construction of bulk carriers and oil tankers of a recognized organization or the national rules of an administration shall conform to. GBS Standards 'Complete MSC.287(87)
TO 01/01/2012 N/E N/E N/E Update of the Individual Schedules of Solid Bulk Cargoes. The following new schedules are added: DISTILLERS DRIED GRAINS WITH SOLUBLES, FERROUS SULPHATE HEPTAHYDRATE, FLY ASH (WET), GRANULAR FERROUS SULPHATE, MAGNESIUM SULPHATE FERTILIZERS and WOOD PRODUCTS - GENERAL. The existing schedule WOOD PULP PELLETS is deleted. Amendment to Res. MSC.268(85). IMSBC Code Appendix 1 MSC.318(89)
T 01/01/2012 New "Code for the Construction and Equipment of Mobile Offshore Drilling Units, 2009 (2009 MODU Code)" supersedes 1989 MODU Code adopted by res. A.649(16). MODU Code 2009 'Complete Code A.1023(26)
O 01/01/2012 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E The Manila Amendments containing a complete revision of the Annex to the STCW Convention. There are new regulations II/5 (able seafarer deck), III/5 (able seafarer engine), III/6 (electro-technical officers), III/7 (electro-technical ratings), IV/1 (radio operators and GMDSS), VI/6 (security-related training). Regulation V/2 (personnel on ro-ro passenger ships)was deleted and former V/3 renumbered to V/2.  STCW 1978 'Complete Convention STCW/Conf.2 Res.1
TO 2012-01-01, On a voluntary basis from 2011-01-01 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E Amendments to the contents, preamble, parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Appendix A and B as well the Index of the IMDG Code are introduced and may be applied by Contracting Governments in whole or in part on a voluntary basis as from 2011-01-01. IMDG Code MSC.294(87)
TO 01/01/2012 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E Updating of the application, clarifying that amendments to the FSS Code adopted after 2002-07-01 shall only apply to ships with keellaying date on or after the date of entry into force of that amendments (i.e. newbuildings), unless expressly provided otherwise. FSS Code Ch. 1.1 MSC.292(87)
TO 01/01/2012 N N N N N Clarifying the application of the amended Chapter 10 of the FSS Code only to ships constructed on or after 2012-01-01. FSS Code Ch. 10.1 MSC.292(87)
T 01/01/2012 N N N N N Updating the details of the engineering specification of sample extraction smoke detection system as required by SOLAS II-2. FSS Code Ch. 10.2 MSC.292(87)
T 01/01/2012 N Incorporation of new chapter 16 "Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems", detailing the specifications for such systems as required by SOLAS II-2. FSS Code Ch. 16.1 MSC.292(87)
T 01/01/2012 N Engineering specifications of new chapter 16 "Fixed hydrocarbon gas detection systems".  A combined gas detection system as required by SOLAS II-2/  and /4.5.10 may be accepted if the system fully complies with SOLAS II-2/2. Sampling and analyzing from each sampling line shall be sequentially at intervals not exceeding 30 min. FSS Code Ch. 16.2 MSC.292(87)
T 01/01/2012 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E The assumed average mass of persons carried in an inflatabble liferaft is increased from 75 kg to 82.5 kg. For continuance of assumed occupant weight of 75 kg for determination of the safe working load of liferaft launching appliances on passenger ships see MSC.1/Circ.1347. LSA Code Ch. & MSC.293(87)
O 01/01/2012 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E The sulphur content of any fuel oil used on board ships must not exceed 3.5 % m/m. Alternatively, an exhaust gas cleaning system approved in accordance with MEPC.170(57) may be employed to limit SOx emission. MARPOL 73/78 VI (2008)/14.1.2 MEPC.176(58)
TO 01/01/2012 E E E E The regulation of emergency towing arrangements for tankers is extended: All ships shall be provided with a ship-specific emergency towing procedure. Refer to MSC.1/Circ.1255 "Guidelines for owners/operators on preparing emergency towing procedures". SOLAS 1974 II-1 (2005)/3-4 MSC.256(84)
TO 01/01/2012 N/E The application of amended SOLAS II-2/ is extended also to existing ships (i.e. keellaying < 2002-07-01) on the basis of SOLAS II-2/1.2.2. SOLAS 1974 II-2 (2000)/1.2.2 MSC.291(87)
TO 01/01/2012 N Ships shall be provided with a fixed hydrocarbon gas detection system in all ballast tanks and void spaces of double-hull and double-bottom spaces adjacent to the cargo tanks, including the forepeak tank and any other tanks and spaces under the bulkhead deck adjacent to cargo tanks. For the standard of the detection system refer to FSS Code, Chapter 16 (new) and to the "Guidelines for the Design, Construction and Testing of Fixed Hydrocarbon Gas Detection Systems". SOLAS 1974 II-2 (2000)/ MSC.291(87)
E 01/02/2012 N/E N/E N/E N/E N/E Revised Form of Supplement to International Air Pollution Prevention Certificate (IAPP), see also resolution MEPC.176(58) and MEPC.1/Circ.718. MARPOL 73/78 VI (2008)/Appendix I MEPC.194(61)
O 2012-04-01, STS operations conducted before that date but after approval of the administration of STS operations plan N/E N/E New Chapter 8 to MARPOL Annex I on the "Prevention of pollution during transfer of oil cargo between oil tankers at sea". MARPOL 73/78 I (2004)/-Complete Chapter 8 MEPC.186(59)
N = New Ship
E = Existing Ship

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